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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Clarification for Clue 3

The answer to clue 3 might appear to be a wrongly spelt word, but it is not so. It appears so because of the way the answer, when encoded, appears on screen. Check the source of the file to see the actual encoded word, then you will know the correct spelling of the answer.
If you are seeing this before solving the clue, don't bother. First solve it the usual way and if you get a wrongly spelt word as the answer, then come back here.


Anonymous said...

i managed to crack the clue....i can vaguely see what you mean by misspelt words. but i have absolutely no idea what to look for in the source...there seems to be nothing of any use. also, the misspelt word(s) too doesnt seem to be of much use

6:55 PM  
Rajaram S said...

Mail to the answer you have got ...

6:57 PM  
Rajaram S said...

The reason I asked you to look in the source is because the source opens up in a no-fancy notepad and hence the letters would be much clearer. If you have got a 6-letter word as the answer, then it is wrong. It should be 7 letters.

7:07 PM  
Anonymous said...

is it possible to have a hint for clue 3. i've been here for hours and it's starting to piss me off :S

7:56 AM  
Rajaram S said...

anon ..this is a normal letter substitution the first para to find out who the secret letter is addresses to and think of the way any mail would start ..then u would get the pattern of letters to replace and thats it ...
let me knoe if this helped ..

10:59 AM  
Anonymous said...

helped a lot thnx

8:44 PM  
Anonymous said...

there is nothing in the source! it took me so long to crack the code and now...nothing... :(

7:28 AM  
Rajaram S said...

hi ..i didnt understand ur comment ..did u manage to solve clue 3 ??
if u need more clues, send in an email ..

6:07 PM  

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