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The Hunt

The Hunt is on!! "The Hunt" is an online puzzle solving game where one has to solve puzzles to go to the next level. There are 35 levels in all, divided into 3 stages. 200+ people are on The Hunt now!

The 100 Rupee Quiz

The 100 Rupee Quiz is a monthly quiz with a prize of 100 Rupees!! The results and answers of the previous 100 Rupee quizzes can be found at the 100 Rupee Quiz answers page. Try the latest quiz at the link above.

Welcome to "The Hunt" - Version 2.0 - Level 16

The sound of words

Thanks to your effort in clue 6, MCP has become a success in the global market. The product manager was pretty impressed and decided to assign more work to you. But, this new assignment is on-site and is in the country of eyesland, where ironically sound, rather than sight, plays a major role in the communication. So, the product manager has given you this puzzle to test your skills before handing over the assignment to you.

Since the hunt is not yet complete and you are yet to cross the seven seas, we’ll make this clue an easy one. This could become a tough nut to crack if not for the proper cues. You have to be wise enough to understand this puzzle. Don’t rely on just your eyes, keep your ears open too.Before some other person yells out the answer, solve it. Take the case of the letter N becoming YENS or the letter T becoming TEASE. Use the same logic to one word in each sentence of this paragraph and the seven letters you get will give you the word you are looking for.