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Welcome to the Hunt - Version 2.0

The Hunt

The Hunt is on!! "The Hunt" is an online puzzle solving game where one has to solve puzzles to go to the next level. There are 35 levels in all, divided into 3 stages. 200+ people are on The Hunt now!

The 100 Rupee Quiz

The 100 Rupee Quiz is a monthly quiz with a prize of 100 Rupees!! The results and answers of the previous 100 Rupee quizzes can be found at the 100 Rupee Quiz answers page. Try the latest quiz at the link above.

Welcome to "The Hunt" - Version 2.0 - Level 8

Picture rebus is a puzzle where a word/phrase/sentence is encoded with pictures. The pictures have to be translated into words/letters and the necessary actions (+,-) done on them, so that it transforms into something meaningful in the end. The picture rebus below will point you to a place. Go to that place and search for the person okmakyali. You will get a password which consists of two words eg: "two words". Combine them into "twowords" and then proceed.


The Pigpen Cipher was used by Freemasons in the 18th Century to keep their records private. The cipher does not substitute one letter for another; rather it substitutes each letter for a symbol. The alphabet is written in the grids shown, and then each letter is enciphered by replacing it with a symbol that corresponds to the portion of the pigpen grid that contains the letter.