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Welcome to the Hunt - Version 2.0

The Hunt

The Hunt is on!! "The Hunt" is an online puzzle solving game where one has to solve puzzles to go to the next level. There are 35 levels in all, divided into 3 stages. 200+ people are on The Hunt now!

The 100 Rupee Quiz

The 100 Rupee Quiz is a monthly quiz with a prize of 100 Rupees!! The results and answers of the previous 100 Rupee quizzes can be found at the 100 Rupee Quiz answers page. Try the latest quiz at the link above.

Welcome to "The Hunt" - Version 2.0 - Level 9

Locked up in a cell

You have been jailed for a crime you didn't commit. The judge orders you to be put inside a cell for lifetime. The jailor who knows the truth wants to help and tries to pass a secret message to you. He writes the following numbers on a paper and sticks them under a table. Is your body mobile enough to crawl under the table to look at these numbers?

843 9673 968 273 5665464 367 47 76588466


Sometimes, strange secrets are hidden inside stories of the past. They are made into books and passed from generation to generation. So, how do you refer to such books? Of course, by their ISBN numbers. ISBN (Internation Standard book number) is a 10 digit number which is unique for each book published worldwide.